Health Canada Approved Sanitizer Wipes Produced In Calgary

About Us

YYC Local Wipes is a Calgary-Based startup on a mission to fill the demand for sanitizer wipes with a locally made sanitizer wipe product using all locally sourced raw materials. YYC Local Wipes also recognizes that it’s not just a privilege to be able to give back to the community, but moreso a responsibility, and so from day one, a portion of revenues is donated to local charities such as the Calgary Food Bank.

YYC Local Wipes was created at the crossroads of opportunity and preparedness! Our founder, Morgan Keane, was researching homemade sanitizer wipes at the start of April 2020 as she recognized that store-bought wipes, just like toilet paper at the time, were disappearing from shelves and her supplies at home were dwindling. Like many Calgarians, she was simply trying to ensure she had the supplies necessary to support her family safely. After getting her first version of wipe packs out to friends and family, through word of mouth, she started to receive requests for her wipe packs along with offers to be compensated for the materials, time, and delivery. On the Thursday of that same week, Morgan’s employer conducted massive layoffs and unfortunately, was laid off from her job as a Geologist. While her circumstance is something quite common here in Calgary, her response was anything but common! In response to receiving the tough news, she gave herself the Friday off, and officially launched YYC Local Wipes on Sunday, and was completing her first deliveries on the Monday!

Since then YYC Local Wipes, with Morgan at the helm, has been dedicated to serving the community and we have been absolutely humbled by the opportunity to serve a diverse range of customers including individual households, companies investing in sanitization kits for their employees, local business owners investing in supplies to re-open responsibly, and non-profit organizations serving at-risk demographics.

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Jul 24 2020
Featured on Global

On July 10th YYC Local Wipe was featured on Global News and our wipes can be found online, through virtual...